Tamaura Jean’s Profile

Healing Massage with Tamaura Jean

Wandering beachside in Santa Cruz 2012

CMTI with Phillips School of Massage

Reiki I & Reiki II initiate

 Lifetime intuitive

Tui Na Certified

Crystal Healing


Private Sessions available (530) 264 6188

Mobile Massage
Experience the relaxation of massage in your own home. Providing mobile massage service throughout Northern California
1.5 hours $100


                    2006 Humboldt State University graduate

                    2007 – 2011 Northwest Coast Woman’s Herbal Symposium gatherings

                    2008 Amazonian medicine walk by village healer, Clever, in the Peruvian jungle

                    2009 Reiki I & Reiki II with Barbara Mariano

                              Meditation and blessing with Tibetan Monks to heal Mother Earth

                              Moxa healing workshop with Sally Sherriff LAc

                   2010 Phillips School of Massage CMT1

                             Darshan from Amma (x16) , exchanging love energy & prayers

                             Qu’ero despacio meditation prayer and limpia healing

                    2011 Chinese Tui Na Trauma Certification

On~going Education

         Auyervedic studies abroad in India

         Massage training in Thailand

         Shiatsu studies in Japan

         Cranial Sacral education

         Theta healing

         Northern Ca Woman’s Herbal Symposium



         Body Work in Wellness at Northern California Woman’s Herbal Symposium

         Healing Massage booth at multiple events including

                                         Truckee Thursdays $1 per minute

                                         Best of Shasta

                                         Gaia Festival

                                         Sierra Storytelling festival

                                         Sigba Greenfest


         Offering Reiki infused Studio & mobile Massages in Nevada City

         Crystalline Language, psychic development & understanding

         Experiencing the power of prayer through nutrition & lifestyle


        Hot towel therapy

        Crystaline vibrations and stone healings

        Various reiki sessions at Camp Augusta, Papas beach, & offered in my home

        Reiki at the Nevada County Animal shelter

        Reiki with Animal Rescues

2005-present day

         Extensive research and experimentation with Healing through Nutrition

         creator of spiritually infused windchimes

         & energetic healing jewelry Tlala.etsy.com



6 Responses to Tamaura Jean’s Profile

  1. Phil says:

    Thanks for blessing us with your graceful arts.
    Love and light,

  2. Denise says:

    Tamara is a natural healer. She intuitively knows where a body needs to be worked. She uses massage to spiritually and physically heal areas in your body. You will come away feeling that you have been reborn.

  3. Lucy says:

    Healing takes time, and an experience with Tamaura has given me the strength to continue on the path without such weight and with confidence. Her healing touch soothes both the body and mind, in a setting that holds such natural calming energy. Some types of healing can’t be learned, and Tamaura has found a natural path to helping others which is further benefited by her presence alone. Thank you.

  4. Manuel says:

    Tamaura combines physical and energetic healing to create a very at peace feeling in mind and body. Whether working deep to relieve long held stress, or releasing newly formed tension, Tamaura’s technique always provides wonderful results. Through the use of stones, music and scents she provides an environment perfectly balanced for spiritual restoration and blissful harmony within. I thoroughly enjoy every minute of her healing massage.

  5. Margo Meredith says:

    I loved my massage from Tamaura!!! I highly recommend her. She has an amazing healing touch…….Thanks Tamaura

  6. Amanda Jensen says:

    Guess who’s learning to love Reiki, energy medicine and Tamaura Garrison? Memememe!

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