Out with the Nasty nasties

Peacock feathers & prayer flags

Peacock feathers & prayer flags

This Winter is a special treat. We are cozied up in my Grandmother`s home, aside wood burning stove and a full kitchen. Our favorite past times have been strategising our future, playing Munchkin, geeking out on Doctor Who from BBC, making enchiladas, visiting with my Grandmother & also revamping the Traveling Wagon.

Florence the Traveling Wagon has come a long way from the days when lad I bought her from would use her to haul his heavy machinery, tools and what-not to work sites. First, there was an initial vacuuming and Spring cleaning. This would gear Florence up for the two Summer seasons I spent traveling the open road and offering Healing Massage at Fairs and festivals throughout Northern California.

Then there was this previous Winter, which I spent bundled under blankets with my partner and dog, staving off the cold and toughing it without a heater.

Which created plenty of uncomfortable experiences to inspire our current dedication; The Awesome making of our Gypsy home.

After ripping out the two layers of filthy carpet, as well as the sink and cupboards, we have some ideas to make manifest.

First we add some paint and new flooring

Then some special finishing touches…and still more to come!


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