March Rains Down Love

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This day is wet with rain that drops from the sky in cold long sheets. This morning was wobble and bang! The trailer door opens to wind- storm whooshing against the dark cavernous nest of our Chinook home. Puppy, kitty, Phil & myself all curled in the tiny bed chamber beneath leaking skylight, dripping clothes, and insulated windows. We are survivors of 12 hour slumber; Sealed up tight to any light, except that luminous reassurance along the outer window seams. Small cracks of soft yellow light which proclaim; Yes! Morning has come.

Last night, Venus and Jupiter conjunct. This sense of expansive freedom combined with the luminous love in these planets created new beauty in our halted excursion. We are camped in Grass Valley, Ca. This makes Indigo Cat ecstatic. She has succumbed to Lulu cuddles through the stormy night. This makes us a little on edge. We have responsibilities to unthrow. Phil is busily sorting through his past self and shedding his old skin as I did in January. His storage facility is 10 x10 feet of furniture, books, magic wands, costumes, and random artifacts of the communal house we shared in Rough & Ready, Ca. I have taxes to gather, understand, and file. But, oh! The Ocean beckons….Hopefully we will answer her soon ❤


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