Inland & In Snow

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Fort Bragg is a plentiful Mendocino community full of year round, home-grown food networks and kind folk. I have always enjoyed camping along her shores and discovering secret places to explore.

Tempting as it was to cease our search and stay to see the results of a massage interview with a local spa, we felt the calling to travel to higher land.

Mt. Shasta is renowned for its visitors seeking spiritual solace as well as people like us, seeking to fulfill a sacred calling.

Florence, our durable 1978, 4 cyl., 2 wheel drive Toyota camper, is a super trooper (thank Goddess she insisted on a new set of tires <a   href=””&gt; last time I visited Mt. Shasta!</a>), navigating muddy banks, snow torn dirt roads and bumps and thumps throwing our belongings and bells into a cacophony of ecstatic, “We are here,” in the late hours of Sunday night. For four days and five nights, through Valentine’s Day, we camped out in the snow, the fire being our main concern. We roasted food on the coals, tea in tin pots, and threw Lulu’s ladybug frisbee to her hearts content.

Even out in the wilderness of Shasta, I’ve learned to be careful what I wish for. In Shasta, dreams can instantly come true. In my haste and confusion to figure out What we are doing, Where we are going, and How it will happen, my phone rung with tempting and sure-footed opportunities in different healing communities from the Northern Coast to the Bay to Ashland. All of which are extremely enticing vocations. However, I find myself actively practicing discernment. I am seeking a future occupation and place to live that includes not just myself, but my other roadside companions as well. Gratefully, there has been some local interest in my Handcrafted Blessings line of Spiritually-infused-textile ear-wares, and that has made enough money to cover our tummies.

Now, here I sit with a hot cup of tea, after a warm bath in a claw foot tub, in a beautiful space provided by Dorthea Joyce (an inner perspective performance artist as well as author of BEing) and Phil by my side. Hmmm, where or where will we be? My confidence in the Spirit of Present Moment and Good Timing blooms ❤


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  1. anne says:

    wish you well on this journey called life

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