Eleventh night

Eleven is a powerful number, it is considered a “master number” because it is a higher vibration of 2. It signifies innovation on humanitarian levels. These past eleven weeks in my third year at Truckee Thursdays was a powerful time of both innovation and humanitarian efforts. I began my booth in Truckee shortly after leaving behind another professional enterprise which I called “Quality Childcare,” where I visited numerous families with crafty projects to demonstrate skills to young children. My original booth plan was shared with long-time friend Erin. We made all sorts of jewelry, clothing and wall hangings, each with a special touch of love and tender blessings. Our booth was entitled, “Be Blessed.” But I wanted to do something more. I wanted to reach people on a deeper level. So, I enrolled in Reiki and massage school, enlisting my dear partner Christina to journey with me through education and business. We wanted to find a way to reach people who didn’t necessarily make time for themselves otherwise. We wanted to enmesh the energy of outdoor music and food into the fun flavors of our healing abilities. At first, our canopy was something held up with one hand as we massaged with the other. Our tapestries were discarded sheets and scarves. And our booth was weighed down with water jugs. One particular July afternoon, it literally flew away…and another week my ancient massage table snapped in half. However, through the profits created by this ongoing enterprise, I have been able to expand and improve upon Healing Massage. We have coordinated tapestries, gathered three nearly-efficient canopies, purchased comfortable and weight bearing tables, added crystals and essential oils into the mix and sunk more money than I want to recall into my traveling wagon, Florence. It is my hope that through this continual effort at finding people who need my healing light, I can continue to provided for myself a somewhat stable existence in adventure and health. Now that Truckee Thursdays has entered its third phase of completion in my life, I can still look forward to offering my healing talents at the Northern California Woman’s Herbal Symposium on Labor Day weekend and at Mannafest in Penn Valley on September 11th. I am also attempting to build a steady clientele in the local Nevada County area. I have faith, that what I have to offer in this healing community is unique, and that I am giving to the world what I am meant to be offering. Like the words in a movie reverberating at the edges of my mind, “If you build it, they will come…”

As well as Eleven’s influential energies of humanitarian innovation, these few months in Truckee has brought personal growth, partnership and fun! Looking back at memories of my booth and how it has improved and continually succeeded to reach people, brings a feeling of delight to my soul. This last night in particular was special, because my Mother and my Grandmother came to visit. Among the joy of seeing regular clients, that sadness of seasonal goodbyes and the softness of meeting new people, there was a tender wave that passed through me when I realized that I have something to show of myself to my family. These are the people who gave me Life and always hoped I would become something more than the little girl who sung, danced, and spun until she fell over. Much like spinning to my knees, my Mother and Grandmother witnessed the crowd pushing into our Healing tent with anticipation and reverence, and the wait list filling over as I massaged from 5-9 without a moment to spare…this last night, the 11th night, I think I made them proud. Innovator, humanitarian, adventurer and healer which I am.

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