Adventures in Retrograde

Well, I had every good intention to include myself in the debut event by Miss Merina Alchemy’s Heavenly Productions. After a heartfelt phone call from Christina, who was unable to depart from her new abode in Berkley to meet me as planned, I loaded the Chinook solo and enlisted the help of my loving husband to help me set up. It was also his father’s birthday party last night, so we took separate vehicles, as he would not be staying with me once I was assembled. After 5 hours of scaling huge mountainside cliffs and navigating tight turn-rounds’ past nearly every corner, we determined that our directions HAD to be WRONG. It was near six o’ clock by the time we decided to just chill out at a local Washington, Ca spot along the river. Lo n’ behold, we found trail markers to the Cosmic Alchemy gathering. I drove the remaining 3.5 miles of rocky dirt, over a crazy bridge and up huge boulders that vaguely passed for a road. At one point, I realized that my clutch driving skills, while improved, were not enough to slowly climb steep hills in a heavily loaded vehicle and not stall. In the midst of another comical and ridiculous turnaround, we were brought into confrontation with a party-goer from my past. I felt Manuel’s willpower push my Chinook backwards while I hit the gas in reverse. Then he turned the Honda around, and we were realigned, moving back over the rickety old bridge, beyond a time marked by my past lover’s presence calmly waiting for us to pass. In the midst of all the twirls and frustrations, my hubby and I were headed home together. I am positive that at this moment some dear people are finishing their night at a truly epic beach event. While it saddens me to know that my healing services are not there to offer, I am also relieved to find that I can enjoy this brief and rare respite, with my family, at home. A truly epic night for us all.

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~ Check out my hubby and I’s ongoing Adventure Southwards Project, based on our 6 month journey through Central and South America by land, river & sea….


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