Desert Strip on the Fifth demension

Upon our arrival at the Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, Ca I had nearly mastered the restart and non-stall that every elementary clutch driver must experience. The Chinook wagon rumbled into the newly furnished Gaia Festival with dust clouds insulting parking volunteers and friendly greetings with Rastafarian Wailers. We set-up our Healing Massage canopies on top of a hill neighboring The Matrix energy consultation booth and just past them, there were the savvy palm leaf hat sculpting duo with a cat. When we assembled my tent, a cloud of playa infiltrated our nostrils. Apparently, I hadn’t unpaked it since Burning Man 2006. We must have let some playa fearies loose, too. Because so much of the weekend was reminiscent of the Black Rock desert for me. Including our spot on the Medicine Wheel village. We were perched atop a dry hillside with full sun all day long. The people at Gaia had gotten something wrong, and did not supply us with power, so we generated our own by reiki light and our neighbors hung glow sticks to attract attention. We were positioned across from the Dome, where fascinating talks took place about the wonders of seaweed healing, lymph flow, music (like Melissa Crabtree) and dream walking with Stargazer Li. At first, our Healing Massage was the best kept secret, and most people meandered to the $2 per minute booth with not a single tapestry, a busier intersection, and a lineup of massage tables. However, by the time the event was through, we had people lounging in our chill space, reading crystal books and medicine cards, seeking celestial advice, and breathing through deep bodywork. Another success in our small lineage of festivals. The Healing Massage Toure is evolving well. Now that I know how to drive a clutch, no telling where Florence and I will go!

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