Difficult Rubber

We had a wonderful time at Truckee Thursday and got on the hwy 89 North at about 10 pm and puled over to sleep somewhere in Sierraville so that we could enjoy a nice soak in the hot springs the next morning. To our surprise, when we awoke, we were next to a faery infested creek! So we took our time, pumping water in the katyden filter whilst drinking tea, then had a wonderful bath at the Sierraville hotsprings and were on the road again at midday. In mid afternoon, as I had been getting the hang of driving a stick shift for the first time, a tire blew out. It was really hot, and the wire was blown clear through the tire. Christina, burly beast that she is, was on the ground and ready to jack up the camper when we discovered we didn’t had a tire iron. So we had to find the help of AAA before we could jam down the hwy 36 West to Red Bluff and get a new set of tires (they were all ancient rubber) at closing time. So, to our disappointment, we did not make it to Mt. Shasta until 8 pm, and immediately begged the woman at Soul Connections to let us in her shop to spend some serious money on crystals in under 15 minutes. She declared that yes, we had in fact made it worth her extra time!



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