Collaborative Transitions

Throughout the last two summers, multiple homesteads, and an ever-evolving traveling booth, Christina and I are forming a unique bond. Like all partnerships, we are discovering ways to improve our respect for one another, and better understand each others needs. Now that we are on the road most of the week, we are finding a synchronicity that is both magical and convenient. We are building a balance of care for one another, as well as a network of opportunity. Perhaps this is why I have a feeling of apprehensiveness regarding the coming toure. I have become comfortable with the balance Christina and I are creating. However, this coming week will be a test of our expansion from partnership to collaboration. Christina will be traveling to Truckee with a fill-in masseuse, and I will be heading to Mendocino for Gaia Festival with Stephenie. Two Healing Massage booths in multiple locations simultaneously? We must be crazy ❤



About healingmassagers

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