Good Fates


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We had a fabulous time at the Sierra Storytelling festival. Business was ideal. Customers were more often in tune with their needs, living health consciously. We found that instead of tackling low food quality demons in the muscles, we were helping guide tension from tired muscles having worked hard in gardens, bee keeping, and the setting up of the magical event. Adding to our practice, the hushed enthusiasm of the storytellers brought a beautiful dynamic to our energy. There was a quietude to our work not experienced before. Oftentimes, we felt like children occupied in our ‘play’ while being read to.

Today, we are headed back to Truckee then winding over the hwy 89 North through Mt. Lassen and onwards to Mt. Shasta for the Best of Shasta event located at the headwaters. The water there seeps out of the earth in a torrential and cold stream straight from the lava channels with Mother Earth. We hope to find a safe place to camp tonight, and time for crystal gazing, as well as meet many amazing people in need of our healing respite. Mt. Shasta was the location of Christina, and my own, second level reiki initiations. It will be rejuvenating to return to the place where we so magically found our destiny as healers. Wish us luck on our adventure, we are thinking of all of you!!




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