Faith in Alignment

Tonight the Sierra Storytelling Festival begins. Still tired from Truckee last night, we took care of our responsibilities today and scrambled to North Columbia School House in North San Juan, Ca to set up our booth at 5pm. We were told to park in handicapped parking and haul our heavy trunks, massage tables, two canopies, pillows, and other various necessities like crystals and healthy snacks an uncomfortable distance to a serene location near the story telling. We were nearly decompressing when a security guard stomps into our space and yells at us to move our vehicle NOW. So we scramble to get her to a place where we can camp near our booth. We are told to park on the street, which is quite awkward in a 4 cyl. 1978 bubble. Upon returning to our booth, we see every other vendor driving comfortably in the backside of the event to be near their own booths and begin setting up tents to camp. Feeling more chagrin than before we decide to move our Chi-nooky. After a bombardment of security smack, we are defeated. We await nightfall, snacking on cold food wishing we could use our kitchen across the street, and realizing there IS capabilities to provide ourselves with lights via electricity IF we had brought an extension cord and lights. In a moment of clarity, we decide to abandon ship for the night and return better prepared in the morning. It isn’t like spending a night alongside Hwy 49 doesn’t sound enticing, but the lighting proves VERY necessary in a hobbit land like the Sierra Storytelling festival. At just the moment when we pick up our baskets to jump ship, our dear friend Shana pops into the booth with a heyday of Welcome and YESSSSS you CAN camp here. If only we had brought our lights…..I refer now to Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind,”Tomorrow, is another day!”


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