Tahoe Tide

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So we swept ourselves along the 89 to Tahoe. It was a last minute idea, and a good one too. The weather proved beautiful despite ominous forecasts, and our rosy noses proved it. Thank goodness for angles on the highway. A particularly savvy elder was skilled at the art of mechanics. Pulling over onto the side of the road with his truck and protruding camo-raft from the trailer, he popped into our cloud of dismay over an engine that was malfunctioning.  I had been methodically tapping at different places with a stick, hoping something would happen. He ripped open the air intake, grabbed my hair-clip, and propped open the choke, “This happens all the time with my old Chevy,” he said. “It is the thin air in the high altitude.” Problem solved! We finished the journey to Kings beach and visited the crystal rock shop, enjoyed authentic mexican tacos con pescado, and enjoyed a bit too much sun on the beach. Saturday was the Sigba Greenfest event. Our booth was positioned among the beachside pines and scrub brush. We met all sorts of interesting locals, vacationers and vendors. My favorite booth? The water tasting test. Yes, you CAN taste the bottle in bottled water. Thinking of water. This adventure was the perfect time to test out my new katyden water filter. We pumped water from the Truckee river as it flowed beneath the Full Moon in Capricorn. When we drank that all up, I attempted to pump water from the wavy shores of Kings Beach. I had about half a canteen of patience in me, and we toasted the hydro to the night. Smiles on our sunburned faces, and feet in the sand, side by side we thanked our guiding lights. So much gratitude for another succesful weekend with Healing Massage. Next stop, Truckee and then onward to North Columbia Schoolhouse for the Sierra Storytelling Festival July 22nd-23rd.

~ Tamaura


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