Catching the wind tail

It was Wednesday yesterday, and I could feel the cool day ease into my skin. I was playing with 14 month old Walter in his kitty pool and blowing bubbles into the wind. I was concentrating a bit too hard on staying present, because I know from experience that when it is cooler in Nevada City, it is even chillier in Truckee. Tonight is our 5th booth of 11 culminating on August 25th. The weather predictions are wind, rain and lightning. Not the first time I have withstood such dire situations in my traveling booth. In fact, sometimes it is just that extra oomf of celestial energy that really gets us hopping. Most sane vendors will actually skip events in stormy weather, but the more challenges which arise, the more determined Christina and I tend to feel. I remember last July, when my massage table snapped in half. Our success that particular night can be testament to our unusually sublime skills of manifest, stubbornness and endurance.
Writing of endurance, it come to mind that after we pack up tonight, we are hoping to find a nice place to camp. We will be offering mobile massage to Truckee locals on Friday, then heading to Tahoe for the Sigba Greenfest at Kingsbeach.  By Saturday the Thundershowers should waiver and we will be rocking our charms in the sunlight of Tahoe majestic shores. Wish us luck in the lee of the storm!


~ Tamaura


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