Along the Mountain Road

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Beginning our third season, the Healing Massage traveling wagon was full of ifs ands  & maybes. Among issues of liability, insurance and an ever growing venue, it also proves difficult to coordinate busily inspired and nomadic schedules such as our own. So, the first week of Truckee Thursdays this June 2011, lifted off with a new addition to our seemingly collaborative project. Friend and fellow healer Stephany took the plunge and met up with me at Java Sushi where we fed each other psychic tidbits and eloped to a small lagoon between Donner Pass and Dairy Queen for a meditative retreat. Realizing this naturalistic manifest in the midst of Truckee traffic to be a good omen, we boogied with our highly-manifest and made way to the event. It was a fantastic seasonal kick-off and so great to once again witness the shining lights of Truckee faces, and the tourists too.

This past two weeks, Christina continued the Mountainous endeavor over the Donner Pass in my 1978 Toyota Chinook, Florence. Her debut journey rolled well at 45 MPH with new battery, rubber hoses, brakes, rotars, and a little too much exhaust. Giggling the whole way there and back from carbon fumes, our greatest mishap was due to a weasly keychain who unexpectedly let go of the keys and left us meandering the dark streets of Truckee with the cops in search of salvation.

All-in-all, this is a great 3rd season for the Healing Massage trio. We are making plans to attend Gaia Festival in early August, as well as expand our horizons to the Sierra Storytelling festival in North San Juan and other events in Yuba city, Shasta and Placer county too. If you have any events in mind that would fit our profile, please pass them our way!

Until next time, keep your heart in the present, your dreams with the stars, and your soul true to yourself.

Blessed be~




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